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To list all the items again, press the Delete key. You hear the number of items a submenu contains when you enter the submenu. If a menu item has a keyboard command, you hear it announced with the name of the item. Next time, you can use the keyboard command without having to open the VoiceOver Help menu. To select a menu item, press the Space bar or the Return key. To close the VoiceOver Help menu without making a selection, press the Escape key. Use the arrow keys to navigate the Commands menu until you hear the command you want. To list all commands again, press Delete.

How to Turn Off the Voiceover on a Mac

When you hear the command you want to use, press the Return key or the Space bar to apply the command to the item in the VoiceOver cursor. For example, to open the VoiceOver Help menu, press H. Learning about keys, keyboard shortcuts, and gestures. Some applications use the Control and Option keys the VO keys together with another key to perform an action.

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You can change many keyboard shortcuts for Mac OS X applications and other applications in the Keyboard Shortcuts pane of Keyboard preferences. Using keyboard help, you can press any key to hear its name, or type any keyboard shortcut to hear the VoiceOver command it represents. To hear the name of a keyboard or braille key: Press the key. To hear the name and VoiceOver command for a gesture: Use the gesture on the trackpad. To hear alternative functions for a key or gesture: Some keys and gestures perform alternative functions when you press modifier keys such as Shift, Control, Option, or Command.

For keys, try pressing Control-Option with a modifier key and then press a key to hear what other functions the key may have. To quit keyboard help: Press the Escape key, located in the upper-left corner of the keyboard. If you have difficulty pressing more than one key at a time, you can turn on Sticky Keys to help you use a combination of modifier keys as a sequence.

In addition to the set of sounds used in Mac OS X, VoiceOver uses a variety of unique sound effects to denote events such as a window opening and location such as when you reach a border. You can listen to a description of the sounds to help you learn their meanings. To repeat a sound effect and description, press the Space bar.

VoiceOver Screen-reader on the Mac - Getting Started [Part 1]

Hearing hints and information about an item VoiceOver provides many ways to learn more about the item in the VoiceOver cursor. If there is no item in the VoiceOver cursor, VoiceOver plays a sound effect to denote a blank area. To hear instructions about using the item, press VO-Shift-N. If you want to hear instructions automatically without pressing a command, select the option in the Hints pane of the Verbosity category in VoiceOver Utility. Descriptions, help tags, and instructions are displayed in the caption panel and braille panel, if the panels are open.

VoiceOver detects access keys and can describe them if you have selected the option to speak help tags in the Hints pane of the Verbosity category in VoiceOver Utility. You can then press Control-S to open the link. You can use the F1 through F6 keys with the VO keys the Control and Option keys to hear information about items on which the VoiceOver cursor, keyboard, or mouse pointer is focused. The application summary, describing the application that is currently active and the number of other applications that are running.

The item on which the VoiceOver cursor is focused. The description includes the current state of the item, such as whether a checkbox is selected, or the percent value of a slider. If there is no item, a sound effect indicates a blank area on the screen. The item on which the keyboard is focused. The description includes the current state of the item. The location of the insertion point relative to the upper-left corner of the text item in which the insertion point is located.

The item on which the mouse pointer is focused. The location of the mouse pointer as x and y coordinates on the screen, relative to the upper-left corner of the screen. You can also use positional audio to hear sound effects to help locate the VoiceOver cursor on the screen.

How to Turn Off VoiceOver On Mac

This option is on by default. These settings include typing echo, punctuation, and text attributes, among others. To close the rotor, press Escape. Click Verbosity in the category table and then click Announcements. For a description of the options for status text and progress bar changes, click the Help button looks like a question mark in the lower-right corner.

Turn Off Speaking on Startup?

Windows, documents, and webpages have different areas that contain text, files, or other content. When the VoiceOver cursor reaches one of these areas, it identifies the content area.

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You can navigate past a content area or you can stop and interact with it to read its contents. For example, you can navigate past the Finder sidebar to get to the view browser, or you can interact with the sidebar to open folders and files. You can interact and stop interacting with an area as many times as necessary.

For all selected items, move to one of the items and press VO-Command-F4. To deselect the last and current item, press VO-Command-Space bar.

Activating Accessibility Options in Macintosh Computers

Hearing when modifier keys are pressed You can set VoiceOver to speak the name of a modifier key Shift, Control, Option, Command, and Fn when you press one. Turning on this option may help you become accustomed to the location of modifier keys on your keyboard, and prevent you from making mistakes. Also, make sure to give it a try to our iOS app on your iPhone and iPad.

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